What makes Zip the best ?


As in all advertising, the Number One criteria for choosing where to spend your advertising budget, is exposure and readership. On an average, Zip receives approx. 30% more visits than our closest local competitor and as much as 40-50% more visits than our other local competitors. When compared to National or International Travel sites, Zip gets approximately 60+% more visits for the Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Troncones and Barra de Potosi destinations.


Zip maintains independent URL's and portals for each of our local destinations, with links between those portals. Check out www.zihua.net www.ixtapa.net , www.troncones.net, www.barradepotosi.com and www.patzcuaromexicom.com. Each of these portals is destination specific. That means that visitors to that site are specifically looking for information on that particular destination. Consider that on a international site, a visitor first has to select Mexico and then go through the Mexican destinations listed from A to Z.


Our competitors use one portal with links to their various pages and URL's. This method uses less memory and saves money with their hosting service. But it also lumps all their visits into one counter. Therefore the client has no way of knowing the amount of traffic their particular destination (Zihuatanejo, Troncones, Ixtapa, Barra de Potosi, etc) is getting. That information is important in the process of how you market your own page and select where to best host it for maximum exposure.


State of the Art web page design using only licensed programs, full time in house Professional graphic designer and full time in house customer service technician.

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